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Vibin' on Summer

When given the opportunity to interview a total boss babe, Tara Roberts of Cold Cactus Boutique, you do it. She gave us some truly awesome insight into starting up and running your own boutique in my #Influencers interview with her - "Lessons from the North of the Border Boutique Owner." When you have the opportunity to collaborate on a special summer style post with her, you do that too. THEN, when you have a chance to shoot with the insanely talented Jesse-Blake Pferdmenges of Bosalita Photography, you jump on the chance. You know, I could be uncomfortable about the sometimes in-and-out role I have in western fashion and the whole "influencer" term. I could shy away from how truly beautiful these photos are, almost embarrassed by the fact they are as good as they are, that it's me looking back at me from them. You know what? That kind of behaviour is for sissies. If you are down in a slump, throw together some badass outfits that make you feel awesome, shoot with a super talented photographer, have FUN with it, and then post those babies up on the gram and smile every time someone likes them, but like them more for yourself. It feels good. Promise.

The combo of off-the-shoulder with a super slouchy comfortable material is the perfect summer dress. I love a dress you can take from day to night, from rodeo to nice dinner, with the change up of accessories. Outfit Details: Denim Off The Shoulder Dress - Cold Cactus Boutique Leather Braided Belt - American Eagle Rose Bolo - Saddle Tramp Leather

Tassel Choker - Spring

Cowboy Boots - Johnny Ringo Fringe Vest - Thrift Find

Putting on a really cool hat, like the one's that Charlie 1 Horse have been coming out with - in SUPER affordable prices, I may add - makes me feel like a mix between outlaw and vogue, and I'm into it. This dress, from Cold Cactus, was the perfect dress to rock at a friend's beautiful summer wedding. I dressed it up with simple gold jewelry and bird cage heels. For a more western look I draped on the turquoise, my favourite, duh, and threw on a concho belt. Bonus points for how dang comfy this dress is, bring on the BBQ.

Outfit Details: Hat - Charlie 1 Horse Fringe Earrings - Moonstone Creation Art Gallery Dress - Cold Cactus Boutique Turquoise Necklace, Concho Belt, Fringe Boots - Thrift Finds, if ya can believe it.

I guess off-the-shoulder is my vibe this summer, but let's be honest, I'm not a crop top kinda gal, and done right I think off-the-shoulder looks sexy, and classy, at the same time. This embroidered top has a spanish-influenced vibe to it, and paired with my Kimes Ranch Lola's was the perfect fit.

Outfit Details: Embroidered Top - Cold Cactus Boutique Jeans - Kimes Ranch Denim Turquoise & Coral Necklace - I'm brutal, haha, I purchased this at a vendor at Indian Village at the Calgary Stampede this year. Love it.

Alright, quick interlude, these Stiefeld Boots have been all over the 'gram this summer, and at first I was skeptical. They are a bit on the pricey side, but the cow hide almost makes it worth it... the quality would be the deciding factor for me. WELL, they are ultra comfortable, super well made, and I am very happy with them. People seem to question the styles and hides so here's my two cents. I went with round toe, because I personally feel round toe goes better with a flare, boot cut OR skinny or crop than square toe. I went with the brown brindle because I also felt they wouldn't over-power any outfit I paired them with and the brown was more neutral. However, as this goes to press they've come out with a snip toe, which I love, such a classy western look, AND, now that i've worn them ... I'm kinda dying for a black and white pair to be extra with. If you are going to purchase a pair, make sure to message Tara at Cold Cactus, she'll help you with size, colour, the whole ten yards. You won't regret it.

Just as Jesse of Bosalita Photography and I were wrapping up our last looks the sun began to set providing the most gorgeous lighting, but then this INSANE wind storm rolled through... making for cooler photos than I ever could have imagined. Props to Alberta for always providing the best backdrop without even trying. Outfit wise, a pair of distressed crops is always my go-to in the summertime and this pair from American Eagle is ultra slouchy, comfy, and the right price point. Go getchya some. Plus, in these shots I'm rocking an Urban Cowgirl & Co. Kimono from Cold Cactus. Urban Cowgirl & Co. is based out of Lethbridge, Alberta and the quality of this kimono is to die for. So if you are in the market for that one trend that isn't going away anytime soon - dusters and kimonos - support local.

Outfit Details: Hat - Charlie 1 Horse Kimono - Urban Cowgirl & Co from Cold Cactus Boutique Turquoise Belt - Cold Cactus Boutique Jeans - American Eagle Cowhide Boots - Stiefeld Boots

So, in summary, as always when it comes to my personal style - I rock what I like, I don't rock what I don't like. I always keep trends in mind, but only what works for my body type. I'm a thrifter by choice and take pride in pairing expensive pieces with thrifted, or less expensive pieces and when it comes to summer, apparently my big trend take away is - off the shoulder, you can't go wrong. Hope you are all having the best summer and remember, to shop most of what you saw today, as well as some amazing hand curated western and boho styles, hop on over to Cold Cactus Boutique!

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