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The Cutting Edge, Ep 8 - Treat Your Horse Like An Athlete with Brigitte Meyer of Vitality Equine

Today on the Cutting Edge Podcast we switch it up and bring you a more informative podcast around the topic of equine health and wellness with equine massage therapist, Brigitte Meyer of Vitality Equine. Brigitte brings a wealth of knowledge to the podcast, with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, and a successful practice here in Alberta, the gal knows what she's talking about!

On the podcast today we talk about the biomechanics behind the cutting horse, the main movements they exhibit in the show pen and we break down the specialized skill of the "rollback." Brigitte shares with us the key muscle groups that cutters use, as well as the ideal conformation for a cutting horse. Hint - it's the Quarter Horse, but can anyone tell me why?! We round out the podcast discussing the physiological side of things with an emphasis on training, conditioning, recovery and who should be on your equine athlete's health and wellness team. For more information about Vitality Equine visit: or

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