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The Cutting Edge, Ep.3 - When a Run Goes Viral with Zoe Woodland

Imagine walking to the herd, and by the time you've walked out, your run has already been viewed by thousands of people via Facebook?

On Episode 3 of the Cutting Edge Podcast we talk to Ohio cutting horse trainer and 2018 Congress Bridleless Champion, Zoe Woodland of Zoe Woodland Performance Horses, who had that exact situation happen when she opted to go bridleless and bareback on Peptos Insant Style, marking a 225 in the process.

Haven't seen the run yet? Check it out here.

Not just a "viral sensation", Woodland has a successful program that welcomes all levels of riders. Her outlook on the cutting horse industry, how to grow our youth numbers, and how to increase participation across the board, is both fresh and fantastic. If you are wondering how we grow the industry, you should listen to this episode.

To listen now:

Be sure to tune in via all major apps - just search "Cutting Edge" on your app of choice on your phone & listen to the podcast hauling down the road! To learn more about Zoe Woodland, visit her Facebook page at:

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