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The Cutting Edge, Ep. 2 with your host, Louisa Murch White.

Today on the podcast I introduce myself, your host - Louisa Murch White - a little better to the listeners. I talk about how I stumbled into the sport of cutting as a teenager, I share some insights on the sport of cutting and what it's all about. I talk the unorthodox year I had in 2018 hauling for the NCHA World Finals. I also share personal lessons, tips, and tricks from hauling and tell some stories from my year on the road and showing in the 2,000 LR overall. We finish off the podcast by doing a quick run down of some of the up-coming events on the cutting horse calendar happening in March, include the Cattlemen's Derby & Classic, Eastern Nationals in Jackson, The PCCHA Coyote Rock Roundup in Paso Robles & the NCHA Super Stakes at the end of the month in Fort Worth, Texas.

Also side note - interviewing yourself is really hard. I likely won't do it again - LOL - sorry for the ramblings, the ums and the ahs - I hope I got your questions answered about cutting, hauling and everything in between. We'll see ya on the next podcast. To listen: & available on all major podcast apps! Make sure to "subscribe" on the app of your choice so you never miss an episode and make sure to "like" us at Western Twist Media on Facebook and Instagram to keep in the loop & comment or DM us with your thoughts and who you'd like to see on the Cutting Edge next! We have some awesome interviews lined up this month!

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