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#SoundOffSunday - What Are You Leaving Behind in 2018?

We've started a new series over on the Western Twist Media Facebook Page called #SoundOffSunday. Basically the gist of it is that we'll ask a question, respond with our own answer or thoughts and then ask our followers to respond with their answers as well. The following Sunday we'll recap some of the great responses we receive on the blog! Sometimes the questions will be serious, other times they'll be fun, scary, silly, cutting-focused, professional or personal. Either way, we want to hear what you have to say!

Last week I asked "what are you going to leave behind in 2018?" My response was that I was going to stop allowing people's negative opinions (on me, on others, in general) grind on me and bring me down. & I'll have to say the responses I got were amazing, I think everyone should read through them and can take a little from each one!

Here's what our followers had to say:

"Leaving behind a futurity championship. It's just as important to leave behind the good runs as it is the bad. Best to treat every cutting run like it's your first." ~ Emma R. "I need to take more time to plan epic things this year! Practices, lessons, build my circle who helped us so much over this last year. Support them in their horsey goals. & other life goals too as those two pieces life are generally interwoven." ~ Jessica C. "I'm not good at leaving things behind... period. I'm anxious and an over thinker which 100% of the time sabotages my well being. It's so silly! So, I'm *trying* my best to leave any expectations I have behind. I'm not worrying about what others expect from me. I'm not expecting things from any other people or my horses." ~ Carly C. "I'll leave behind waiting!" ~ Kaylie F. "The word "Can't"" ~ Morgan P. "I think it is important to leave out the politics of cutting." ~ Amber S. "Leaving behind self-doubt, baby!" ~ Brigitte M. "I'm going to leave my "lazy" habits behind. If I'm going to expect my horse to be fit, then I need to be too!" ~ Amber S. "I'm trying hard to leave behind my impatience and to enjoy every day because at my age why in the heck would I want them to go by so quick." ~ Theresa C. "I'm leaving behind an equine injury. After having my horse off for a year the doubts and what-ifs cross my mind when I enter the herd." ~ Courtney H. "I'm leaving behind my pessimism towards my future and striving to be more optimistic." ~ Douglas G. "I am leaving behind worry, worry about any opinion people might have or express about my choices." ~ Jan D. "I leave behind excuses and replace excuses with actions." ~ Kamla M. "The pressure I put on myself to be perfect." ~ Liz D. "I am going to leave the action of "floating" in 2018. In 2019 I am going to do every little thing with intent and purpose for the bigger picture." ~ @SweetgrassandSaguaro "I am going to make every effort to leave self doubt behind in 2018." ~ @LatigosandLenses & my personal favourite.. simply because it brought some levity to a very serious and soul-seeking question..?

"I'm going to go ahead and leave hot quits in 2018!!" ~ @S.Mcpherrin

Don't we all want to leave behind hot quits?! LOL If only it was so easy. See you next Sunday!

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