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#SoundOffSunday - Tips & Tricks

This week I had a follower message me and she mentioned that she was concerned about her hat flying off in the show pen. Definitely NOT the first time this little fear has come up in conversation. 😂

So here's my #CutterConfession: the hat I showed in all year is a smidge big... but I really like it... so I pinned it in. all.year. Yes, rodeo queen style - you get the extra long bobby pins and jam them through the hat band and snug them through your hair and I promise you, that hat will not move. 🙅‍♀️Other tricks I've heard - hairspray the hat band, it works like glue on your forehead, or take foam core and make a foam rim on the inside of the hat band so it snugs tightly against your head. But, I can promise you, the bobby pin trick is by far your safest bet if you are afraid of your hat flying off. PSA: A whole year of doing this caused some bad hair breakage and a now weird piece of missing hair by my right ear. #YOLO #HaventLostAHatYetThe other trick? Get a custom hat, that baby never budges - I have one that desperately needs a re-shape and I didn't wear it all year because I kept forgetting to take it in. 🤦‍♀️

So I asked my followers what their favourite hack, trick or tip, that they employ is? It turns out people had a lot to say on the matter of hats in the show pen! "Another hair-friendly hack? One swipe of an ordinary glue stick across your forehead, then on with the hat front first, pull down on back. This works for carriage driving hats too, which are "wedding" type hats that want to blow off but mustn't. I ran all four sidesaddle races with my glue stick... and never once flipped my lid!" ~ Lee M. "Get a custom hat from Vern Elliot he turns the hat band inside out so the rough out is against your head. Best hat I've ever had. Made to fit my head and the reverse hat band, that sucker won't come off." ~ Vern E. "I bend down the band at the back just a smidge and try to create suction to my head by pushing the hat down and then a little bit up. Hard to explain but I've only lost my hat once last year at 25+ rodeos." ~ Robbi K. "Hair spray and then don't touch it. Good hairspray too. I like the firm hold Aveda (it doesn't get all white and crusty after either). And if your hair is a bit dirty too that helps.." ~ Keri "Double sided tape! You can get thicker foam version of this (which is comfy) I used this in the reining pen and never lost my hat after I learned this trick!" ~ Becky S. "Duct tape on the front inside band.. hat stays on and you get to exfoliate your forehead each time you take off your hat." ~ Jeanie C. "The hairspray Got To Be Glued is the BEST!! But it may take a layer of skin off with it when you take your hat off!" ~ Deirdra W. "Hairspray, causes inadvertent "layers" in hair on the sides but will NOT come off... what kind of hairspray you ask? CHEAP EXTRA HOLD AEROSOL of any kind. Killing the ozone and keeping hats on heads since 1980.." ~ Kirsten J.

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