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Some Sorta Cow Dog

My little monster

I had been ponderin' and thinkin', for some time now,

That it was high time I found myself a border collie that could herd any nasty cow.

I pictured myself up on top my regal cutting hoss,

Directing my handy pup - like any true cow boss.

And so imagine my surprise when I found quite the opposite - in a little poofy mutt,

He was yappy, small and fluffy, and he sure as hell couldn't help me cut.

But for some reason I took a liking to the little poodle cross.

And I thought, well heck, I'll foster him - there won't be any loss.

It took only a few hours before I knew I had been took,

He was my dog now - all he had to do was give me his ol' sad-eyed look,

I never looked back despite chewed up books, and shoes, and such...

For her really honestly tries to be good, I swear! He hasn't ruined... much.

He may not be much for protection but I do find comfort in his presence at the foot of my bed,

Although I'm shocked at how much room he takes up nightly and how fast that little body turns to lead,

No he'll never herd cows, but he minds his manners 'round the horses just fine,

And it sure is nice to cuddle up and know that poofy dog is all mine.

There was a time when I found myself feeling downtrodden and heartbroken,

And his little eyes reminded me that I wasn't just someone's one-off token,

My little pup has taught me that the saying "man's best friend" rings truer every day,

As he sits proudly as copilot in my truck and together we weather whatever may come our way.

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