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Haulin' w/ Colleen Pearse

We've interviewed her hauling partner, and also husband, Brian Pearse. Now, another three-peat world finalist is on the blog - Colleen Pearse. A competitor that is no stranger to success at the Watt Arena for the NCHA World Finalists, Pearse is coming into Fort Worth this year in sixth place in the 35,000 standings with $6,141 in winnings. Pearse sits down with Western Twist Media to talk haulin', showing in multiple classes and some of the best advice her trainer has given her.

Colleen Pearse has successfully made the world finals three years in a row.

Tell me about your horse... Double Tuff is by Nitas Wood out of Tuffs Junie. He is a sorrel gelding and is 10 yrs old. His barn name is "Tuffy", or.. cutest horse in the barn.

Tuffy is a little kid at heart. But very serious in the show pen. He tries so hard to do everything right. He gives it his all in the pen. There's times I feel I can’t keep up to him.

How long have you had your horse and how did they come into your life? Since October 2017, Jacquelyn Accomazzo had him before me. She rides at the same barn I do and came up for sale. I tried him, liked him on the first ride and had to have him. What class(es) do you show in? I shown the 35 NP and the 50 AM

If you show in more than one, do you find one harder than the other? I find the 35NNP really tough. There is fabulous competition. Maybe I’m trying too hard! LOL The 50 AM I feel much more relaxed in.

In 2017 Pearse won the Purina Series in Las Vegas in an exciting shoot out on Reys Hot Wheels. Photo Credit: Cutting Horse Central Leading up to this year, what was your biggest accomplishment or favourite moment in the cutting pen? I think I have 2. The first is winning the Purina Series 2017 in Las Vegas in a shoot out. It was exciting and scary. Second, would be making it to World Finals in both the 15AM and 35NNP. I was truly beside myself.

When you think of one horse that defines your career in the pen, what horse is it? Reys Hot Wheels!! He taught me to slow down and ride. He carried me through some tough goes, and when I think of him, I could not of made it in cutting as far as I have. But Double Tuff is such a close second. I can always rely on him.

When you started out the year, what were your goals? I try not to focus on making it to World finals at the beginning of the year. Mike sees how I’m doing and we decide a few months in. I like to strive to do my personal best and be a better rider. Without Mike Wood and the whole crew at MWPH I would have never been able to get this far in such a short time. Is this the first time you are going to be headed to world finals?

This is the 3rd time to World Finals.

First in 2016 for the 2 Limit Rider

Second 2017 for the 15 AM and 35 NP

Third 2018 for the 35 NP

What is the best advice your trainer, Mike Wood has ever given you? To slow down (meaning me, lol) , relax, and get to the eye of the cow.

We are always working on getting the cut right. Then things usually go good. Sometimes. HaHa Mike is the most patient trainer ever!!

What has been the highlight of your year so far? Knowing I made it to World Finals. Have you had a low point? Many lows. Not having a good runs, knowing its my errors, when my horse tries so hard.

How did you get through it? Everyone at MWPH (Mike Wood Performance Horses) is so amazing at picking out the good points and helping understand what went wrong and how to fix it. I think I have taken some great advise from everyone at the barn. Its extremely helpful when Mike and Roper go over my videos with me and explain whats going on. Their coaching is everything!!

Do you get nerves/anxiety in the show pen? Everytime!! Butterflies just before I go in. If so, how do you deal with them? When I walk in to the pen I focus on the cows. Actually I stare them down!

What was the best advice you received in the show pen, or about cutting, in general?

To get up in the cows eye, be gritty, and get there. What is one thing that you think you’ve conquered, or gotten a lot better at, this year?

Sitting!! So important to SIT in your saddle and not flop around. What’s your best tip for balancing real life with hauling? Take breaks, go somewhere other than the show grounds. I find I need that mental break. Of course shopping helps a lot.

What could you not live without at a cutting? Pins for my hat. I had it fly off once, now I use two pins same place everytime. What’s your number one tip for hauling down the road? Haul with someone you can bounce thing off of. Fortunately I haul with my husband and we have some great chats.

Have you had to haul pretty hard this year? Yes, we hauled in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas

What is your favourite show to haul too, and why? Queen Creek by far. Its my comfort zone. I know lots of great people and can always be met with a smile.

If you could show to one song, what would it be? Oh boy! Thats a tough one for me. I like lots of music and would have to say so long its got a upbeat beat I’m in.

Have you had an embarrassing moment in the show pen this year? A few, lost my stirrups, twice. Shirt technicalities (buttons coming undone) Nothing too major.

Looking towards world finals, what are you most excited about? Having a great ride! Trying to do my personal best!

What do you plan to show in next year? So far I plan to ride in the 50 AM.

What are your goals for next year?

My goals are to be a better showman in the ring.

Photo Credit: Cutting Horse Central

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