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Haulers! We want to hear from you!

In 2017 and 2018 I emailed and facebooked and sent carrier pigeons out to World Finalists to do a long form version of a question and answer interview. I loved the answers, the insight and the enthusiasm that came from those interviews and all of you did too, they were widely circulated at the time. However, it was really tough to get to everyone, some of my "must haves" never got back to me, and some of my "should have interviewed" never got an email from me. This year as we watch the haulin' race come to an end, I wanted to reprise the concept and thought I could utilize a great app - Jotform - to ask the questions, and all the haulers have to do is submit their answers! It's super easy, just type your answers in the boxes and hit submit at the end. SO, if you are a hauler, please click the link below to submit your answers to be featured. If you know of a hauler, are the owner of a horse being hauled, or have a favourite cutter that you know is hauling and want to hear from them, tag them in the comments below or send them this link, and nudge them to get their answers in. If you are feeling extra ~spicey~ you could also come on the podcast, whether by recording your answers to my questions on the voice memo app and sending that to me, or doing an interview with me over zoom! If you are interested in that shoot me a DM or email at I'd love to have you on the podcast! Click here to follow the link:

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