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Ep 27 - Recommendations, Rescinded Motions & Whit Davis on the Call for a Special Meeting

On Episode 27 of the Cutting Edge Podcast we delve into the turbulence that is occurring in, and around, the National Cutting Horse Association.

To be honest, to publish this podcast was not an easy decision for me. It is my goal to share all sides, of all stories, and to celebrate the sport - but we can't ignore what has been occurring within our association, and on social media, the past month.

On September 11, Whit Davis released a notice to call for a special membership meeting with corresponding documentation about the Executive Committee, and amendments to governance and structural bylaws. After seeing the sign up form for this notice, being circulated out of context from the corresponding documents, and not truly understanding the call for a membership meeting - I agreed to have Whit on the podcast to explain the proposal more in depth, and essentially - what you are signing if you do sign it. I felt that this was the best way to communicate clearly the notice, instead of turning to Facebook and trying to wade through the hundreds of comments on different forums. Here are the corresponding documents:

& from there ballots follow whether you can vote yes, or no, to each amendment, as well as each Executive Committee member, and whether or not you would like them to resign.

I also read our Executive Director, Kirk Slaughter's recommendations to the Executive Committee that were published online September 12.

There was also an NCHA notice that was sent out September 13 from President, Ron Pietrafaso, on the limiting vote and Non Pro Committee proposal, that were both rescinded by the Executive Committee. A move that I applaud.

It is my hope that while listening to this podcast, other podcasts, and reading all of the comments and opinions being toted on social media, you can determine your own opinion on the unfolding events.

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