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Ep 23 - Perspectives on Limiting Show Notes

Episode 23 of the Cutting Edge Podcast focuses on the hot topic everyone is talking about - the recent press release from the NCHA Executive Committee on limiting horses in aged events.

We start the podcast by sitting down with the NCHA President, Ron Pietrafeso and Region 1 Representative, Kristen York. Both walk us through the roles and responsibilities they hold on the executive, and what the function of the Executive Committee is. They discuss the over-arching thought process behind limiting, as well as the reasons some members of the EC voted yes or no for the proposal.

We then begin our "town hall" style interviews, first welcoming former Alberta Cutting Horse President, Canadian Director and show producer, Connie Down-Cicoria. As a new show producer on the Canadian schedule, Connie shares her opinion on how this rule could negatively impact a new major aged event, the Canadian Spectacular. We then shift to hear from Canadian Cutting Horse Association President, Les Jack, who brings up an excellent point about the position that clients can be put in if trainers are forced to limit their show horses.

Heidi Hadlock-Evans calls us from Utah to bring a wholistic viewpoint to her opposition of the limiting rule, and highlights how even lopers will be effected by this rule. Tim Smith calls us from Redmond, Oregon, shares his opinion on the rule and fills us in on the Trainer's Meeting that was hosted during the Cascades Futurity to tackle the rule. Finally, we share some viewpoints from the weekend, and some quotes from our followers on social media. As always, we hope you enjoy this podcast, and if you have any feedback or comments, please feel free to message us at or DM us on Facebook!

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