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A Bunny of a Different Kind

Happy Easter my lovely followers! I hope, whatever you are doing, it's a lovely day. For this Easter, and this Story Sunday, I tried a bit more humourous style of Cowboy Poetry. This time, it's from the eyes of an ol' rodeo cowboy...


Props if you understand this photo in reference to this poem.

A young Renee Zellweger.

I was feeling pretty full of myself when I sauntered in to my local watering hole,

I could have still drown a few cold ones, even after the rodeo road had taken it's toll,

And as I entered the dingy, dark and grimey place,

Out of the darkness i observed quite a stunning face.

She had hair as gold as hay bales and a figure I truly did admire,

And when she said she had a boyfriend - I exclaimed, "unless it's me then you're a liar!"

I was smitten right from the start, now that's a fact,

And as the beers kept coming I began to lose my tact,

I kept imaginin' marryin' this purdy girl and settlin' down,

And oh alright - you caught me - imagining some nights on the town,

As we talked I pictured wedding bells, and her astride my trusty horse,

Picturing her cooking and baking for me- apple pies, of course.

In my head I had created quite the scene,

Then we started talkin' rodeo - and it just shattered all my dreams!

She quickly latched on to the fact I had spent my time in the rodeo arena,

And it wasn't just me imagination that she seemed a little bit keener,

She said, her blue eyes shinin', that her favourite was those boys with them big ol' loopers,

But she stated, her favourite bull rider had to be that handsome young chap, Tuf Cooper.

She continued that the rodeo's bored her but the real reason that she stayed,

Was to dance the night away at the cabarets!

I almost choked on my own beer but that didn't slow her down,

The next thing she said elicited a very serious frown.

She said she'd dated a few rodeo guys and knew her way around,

But - oooh boy! - would she love to have her arm around a gold buckle man about town!

And all my hopes of the blonde bombshell across the bar from me faded away,

For, despite her looks and charms, I knew, I could not stay.

My friends - this story is just down right sad - it ain't meant to be funny!

Because before me standing there - I had captured an elusive Buckle Bunny.

#Poem #CowboyPoetry #Story

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