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15 Truths for the Cutting Horse Enthusiast

1. You head out for dinner with friends, and wonder if the Multiple Elastic Bands on your wrist are a socially acceptable form of jewellery

2. Leggings are a style of shotgun chap, not the tight yoga pant variety

3. What are "Show Saddles" and "Show Bridles"? If people mean that old Roo-Hide you use on atleast five horses per day at home then yeah, that's a show saddle because it made it to the show.

4. Herd-Side and Cow-Side make a hell of a lot more sense to you than Left, or Right.

5. You will fully admit you're a Crazy Cat Lady... High Brow Cat, Smooth as a Cat, Bet Hesa Cat, Metallic Cat.. you're crazy about them.

6. Your most-read piece of literature? Draw Sheets. (Mostly because you are terrified to mess up when your horse goes, "When did I draw again?" "What set again?" "What day again?" "What show again?")

7. After attempting to explain Cutting for the 150,000 time to someone, and they respond, "oh right, with the numbered cows? Team Penning?" you've sighed heavily and just nodded, "Yes, that's what I do. Exactly that."

8. Speaking of other disciplines, many might see us as the Slightly Grubby Cousin. Okay, we don't paint our horses hooves, but, only you know how many tears you shed when your horse ripped a massive chunk out of his tail. RIP.

9. You know these are Insults... "Absent" "No Heart" "Counterfeit"... and that these are Compliments... "Cow Pony" "Lots of Try" "Crawls Around"

10. Forgot your mom's birthday, but can remember every horse in your own Horses Pedigree and how they are individually bred, how much money they've won and how much their offspring have gone on to produce.

11. All together now - "Can't, I have a Show"

12. No shame in our game. You've exchanged tips with just about anyone about how to prevent and remedy Chaffing. Loping cutting horses = the struggle is real.

13. Is it 2016? Or is it "Princess' Futurity Year"

14. You forgot to turn the volume down on your computer at work, so your boss caught you watching the Live Feed of a major show due to the high pitched "Yee's" and "Yeo's".

15. December can be a very stressful time for you. It can make or break friendships and families. It drains your bank account. It can be trying and exhausting. Sometimes you just don't know why you do it. The amount of time you spend shopping is outrageous! No, I'm not talking about Christmas, I'm talking about The Futurity of course!

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