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Louisa Murch White

Creative Director

Born & raised in Calgary, Alberta, Louisa Murch White is a self-professed city kid who stumbled into the western lifestyle and forcibly ingrained herself in the cutting horse industry.

A writer from a young age who always had a passion for horses, Murch White graduated from the University of Calgary with a degree in Anthropology in 2013 and shortly thereafter "ran away" to Texas, and then Arizona where she interned with cutting horse trainers. In 2017 Murch White formally hung up the bridle reins on a career as a full-time loper and became the Assistant Editor at Western Horse Review Magazine.

In 2018 Murch White achieved a lifelong goal of making the National Cutting Horse Association World Finals in the 2,000 Limit Rider on Short n Suave. After the dust settled on her time in Fort Worth she finished sixth overall in the world and now has plans to one day make another trip to the herd in the Watt Arena and claim a world title.

Blogging has always been a part of Murch White's life, always the story-teller, it was natural for her to share her story, the trials and tribulations of showing, and the stories of others, via her blog. From the early days with a blog called "Time in the Saddle", to a rendition called "With A Western Twist", to today where Western Twist Media has evolved into a destination for the western performance industry featuring a blog, podcast and lifestyle line that all competitors and performance horse enthusiasts can enjoy.

These days Murch White still calls Calgary home and is the Director of Marketing at Energy Equine Veterinary Services, a clinic devoted to facilitating excellence in equine sports medicine. Both personally and professionally Murch White's life revolves around talented equine athletes, her close group of friends and family, the sport of cutting, and her beloved dog, Cash.

Her goal with Western Twist Media has always been to share the unique and incredible stories of competitors, horses and those that play pivotal roles in the western performance horse industry. Personally, she hopes that those that dream of cutting, or just of horses in general, but can't seem to achieve their dreams find Western Twist Media and realize that dreams are not always as far away as they appear.

Murch White firmly believes that it is our job, as enthusiasts of the western performance horse industry, to share our great sports with the world and to cheer on and support the journey of novice competitors that are building our sports from the base up.


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